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"David was brought on as a subcontractor to develop a LabVIEW / TestStand solution for a highly complex project. He successfully used LabVIEW FPGA to create a highly specialized, custom communication interface to control one of our legacy NAVAL communication links. It was perhaps the most significant technological accomplishment that I have witnessed in my 28 years in this industry. He is great to work with, and a true master at what he does."
Steven Gatti, Operation Test Engineer at BAE Systems
"Pyxis was contracted to implement a file transfer interface between a LabVIEW application and an AWS server. They integrated an ftp servive on an EC2 instance and had it up and running in no time .  The contract was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget with a full cold start procedure."
Ashish Shah, Principal at Test System Solutions
"David is amazing. He is brilliant, attentive, and delivers lightning-fast responsiveness. He will not stop until every detail is perfect. There is no substitute for this."
Neil Gaffin, MD

Pyxis Software Design Corp

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